I’m a HUGE fan of your products… MBP, Ipad 64gb WIFI, 2 iphone 3g’s and now 2 iphone 4’s… but I have a complaint… What’s the point of building in HD video capabilities when the compression upon uploading directly to youtube makes the video’s useless and not viewable? They’re not even remotely viewable!! I was so excited about this feature on the Iphone 4, but sadly to say, this is a serious disappointment. In today’s world, HD video is pointless if I can’t upload it “as is” directly to the net.

Please fix this issue.




You can upload them via a Mac or PC today. Over the air in the future.

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1 July 2010


Hi Steve,

I’d planned to buy a new iPhone tomorrow – my first upgrade since buying the very first version on the first day of its release – but I’m hesitant without knowing Apple’s position on sourcing the minerals in its products.

Are you currently making any effort to source conflict-free minerals? In particular, I’m concerned that Apple is getting tantalum, tungsten, tin, and gold from Eastern Congo through its suppliers.

Looking forward to your response,



Yes. We require all of our suppliers to certify in writing that they use conflict few materials. But honestly there is no way for them to be sure. Until someone invents a way to chemically trace minerals from the source mine, it’s a very difficult problem.

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28 June 2010

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that this is the most amazing phone I’ve ever owned. Facetime is incredible! Everything is fantastic except the reception issues I’ve been having. My buddy has the same issue and he called AppleCare and was shipped a free bumper case. I called too, 2 hours and 3 dropped calls later, I was told that nobody is getting free bumpers. Which is strange because I saw my friends email confirmation showing he was getting a free one. I tried to get one on launch day but the store was sold out. Is there anything you or one of your executive escalations people can do? I love everything about the phon eexcept my signal issues. I hope to hear back with good news.



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There is no reception issues. Stay tuned.

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27 June 2010


Hi Mr. Jobs,

I love my new iPhone (nice work) but when I put my hand on the steel bands I lose all reception. It appears to be a common issue. Any plans to fix this?



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Just avoid holding it in that way.

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24 June 2010

Hi Steve,

I’m a long time Mac user, having owned my first Mac when I was 16.

I’ve just turned 35.

And the thing is, aside from my electric wheelchair, the Mac is the most important piece of technology in my life, having enabled me to live and work independently for approaching two decades… now a technology journalist.

The Mac has put me on a level playing field with those without a disability, and for that I’m eternally grateful to you and all of the hard working people at Apple. (I was born in 1975, the same year the homebrew computer club was founded, I believe. Great timing, eh?)

But now, your description of the Mac (or PC era) as a truck has me worried. You see, I like racing the same cars as everybody else and winning.

However, the trend towards touch and other more physically demanding interfaces, as magical as they may be, is disenfranchising to say the least. A trend that you are setting with the iPhone and iPad, with your usual artistry and vision. As you know, your influence on the whole industry is huge.

But, it’s also a ‘one size fits all’ vision, with your reluctance to build an iPhone with a physical keyboard and optical trackpad for limited one handed navigation, for example.

(Take a look at the Palm Pixi for inspiration, and by the way, Android can accept both touch and trackpad/scroll wheel navigation, for the most part.)

Or an iPad that comes in 5inch, 7inch and 10inch configurations and a built-in kick stand or clam shell design.

It’s not that I can’t use the existing iPhone or iPad, just not as efficiently as everybody else, so I haven’t invested in either.

Am I now destined to drive trucks forever?

And if so, please keep making the best trucks on the market.

Or will you consider building iPhone/iPads with different form factors?

Just food for thought.



We will keep making the best computers on the planet. We love it.

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24 June 2010


Don’t need a personal SJ reply, but can you pass this down the chain? I called Apple support, first, but the tech didn’t know…

During many voice calls on my new iPhone 4, the “hold” icon has been replaced with a FaceTime icon, even when I’m not talking to a fellow iPhone 4 user. During such calls, how do I put someone on hold? Yes, there’s still a mute button, but these functions are discrete (which is why iOS ≤ 3 had both buttons…).

Guy who answered Apple support line could only suggest disabling FaceTime, rationalizing that I don’t have too many iPhone 4-using friends yet, anyway, right?… This seems inelegant.

Thanks for your leadership on this magical product. I remain a loyal fan.


Hold doesn’t do anything more than Mute.

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24 June 2010

Hey Steve!

I just upgraded my iPhone 3G to iOS 4 and was really looking forward to setting a background on my home screen. Guess that’s not happening, but I’d like to know why.

See, I get why you don’t include multitasking. My iPhone gets pretty hot when certain apps run, couldn’t imagine how multitasking would fry my phone.

But the background thing, I don’t see how that would be memory intensive and/or battery draining. It doesn’t seem like that feature needs to be exclusive to the 3GS and 4G.

I hope this email finds you in good health.



The icon animation with backgrounds didn’t perform well enough.

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21 June 2010


Do you think you will ever allow syncing iPhone to Mac over wifi?


Yep, someday.

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20 June 2010

Hi Steve,

my wife has very bad eye sight (she is registered blind). She’s not completely in the dark but she struggles with small text.

She can with most of the text on an iPhone, but not the text in the SMS text bubble. As far as I know there’s no way to change the font size of the SMS message, although you can change it for email.

I know she could use voiceover, but she thinks it would be embarrassing to have her messages read to her, she tried the zoom function but couldn’t get on with it on the phone (it works fine on the iMac).

This is the one thing stopping he buying an iPhone,is it likely that future versions of the iPhone OS will allow the text size for SMS to be increased?

All the best,

Mark Ford


Yes, that exact feature is coming in iPhone OS 4 software this summer!

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1 June 2010

Hi Steve,

Just got a phone call from Apple letting us know that our iPad app ‘My Frame’ is being removed from the store. Apparently Apple is cracking down on ‘widgety’ type apps. Our app is a beautiful photo frame with a few nice things you can put over your photos. It’s not ugly, or even widgety.

What gives? I’ve always defended you guys in the past, but it seems like you’ve crossed an invisible line here, even the guy on the phone was saying how much he likes our application but that there’s nothing he can do?


We are not allowing apps that create their own desktops. Sorry.

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1 June 2010

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